2017 Award Recipient

Tipa photo_2017The 2017 Footprints Scholarship Fund Award Recipient
2017 Total Giving = $2, 500

Miss Tipa Asamoah

High School: Albert Einstein High School
Cumulative GPA: 3.2
Parent: Mother
Award Amount: $2, 500
College Attending: Towson University

See below for her bio:

Six years ago on March 4th, 2011 a part of me died. As a little girl in 6th grade, the death of a parent was merely something that happened in the books I read. I was never really conscious of what losing someone I dearly loved felt like. There was deep sadness in my heart. All of a sudden it was very hard to breathe. Her death was criminal. It stole my happiness and brought severe pain. It became difficult to get past a full week. I began reminiscing about the past and appreciating all the moments I had with my mother, even the arguments, and disagreements. It is true; you do not know what you have till it is gone. Even though, I had my father and other forms of support I felt so abandoned as a little child.
Cancer did not only steal my mother from me. It also stole my role model and best friend. I blamed myself for her death when in reality I had no control over the situation. Going to counselors did not work as well as I thought they would. It was the constant clichés such as “she is in a better place” that made things worse. I wanted her to be here with me at the moment and comfort me in the times of trouble. I wanted her to see me progress through something as punitive as middle school or as significant as graduating high school or college. I wondered how I will overcome the loneliness and the dark place I was in.
Over time, her death influenced my personal development. I became a stronger person, mentally and emotionally. I used this negative experience to become a relentlessly positive person. Physically, I wanted to do the best in everything I did because of her. As I grew older and transitioned from middle school to high school, I also developed from childhood to adolescence because I learned not to dwell on the past and I learned how to move on. Pursuing a college degree was something she always encouraged. Her death influenced my decision to push myself to achieve my educational goals. I made my mother my motivation to become a better person every day just like she was.
I can use this unfortunate encounter in my life to create a positive change in society by creating support groups for my peers that have lost their parents. This will help encourage growth in unity. It can help them know that they aren’t alone in their time of grief. Just as the going to the counselors did not help me effectively, creating this support group may give a chance for people to have another form of consolation. My mother’s death influenced my personal development by helping me grow up and opening my eyes to the bigger picture of every obstacle I was faced with. I started to enjoy the better things in life. I became a better sister and daughter. I cherished my family more than ever.