Mission, Vision, Goals


To provide academic scholarships to graduating high school seniors who, between the ages of 0-19 have experienced the death of a biological parent.


The vision of the Footprints Scholarship Fund is to:

  • Become a self sustaining fund that rewards high school and college
    students for their academic excellence due to the loss of a biological
    parent at an early age;
  •  Serve as a sympathetic and supportive resource to students by
    developing quality partnerships with scholarship recipients, community
    resources and corporate sponsors;
  •  Continually set standards of excellence which exemplify our
    dedication to our mission and goals.


GOAL #1: Expand scholarship to reward students throughout:

  1. Prince George’s County and surrounding areas – COMPLETED (2014)
  2. Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and surrounding areas – COMPLETED (2015)
  3. State of Maryland – COMPLETED (2017)
  4. East Coast – TARGET DATE (2021)

GOAL #2: Raise $250,000 toward fund endowment to become a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. TARGET DATE (2021)