2013 Award Recipients

Footprints Scholarship Fund 2013 Award Recipient Update

gab2014My first semester in college, at North Carolina A&T, was a success. I am glad to say I have been very involved in organizations such as Student Government, the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Helping Orient Minority Engineers Program. I have been in a program under SGA called the Advocates Program in which students promote SGA activities to the student body as well as help to increase student involvement. Towards the end of the semester the position for Freshman class Secretary opened up, so I decided to utilize this opportunity and I am proud to say I recently have been appointed to the position of Freshman Class Secretary.

Being an active member in our NSBE chapter has also been keeping me very busy. I joined the Community Service and Conference/Finance committees under our chapter. I am also interning for our chapter’s Finance Chair in hopes to fulfill that position next school year. Attending the NSBE Fall Regional Conference was a great experience of networking and development, and I am looking forward to attending the Convention coming up in March. Lately, our NSBE chapter has been involved in community service events such as tutoring, Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-A-Road, and an Innovation Institute. Helping to plan and participating in some of these community outreach projects have been such a joy.

I have also become well acquainted with staff in the College of Engineering, thus creating the chance to network and develop professional mentorships. I am most proud of achieving a 4.0 grade point average and obtaining an internship with Toyota this upcoming summer. I know that this experience will truly help me grow as an adult. I am certainly looking forward to all the upcoming endeavors that come with these responsibilities. I am also looking forward to participating in many more community outreach projects as well as keeping up my current grade point average. I have been strongly considering to pursue a doctorate in my field of study, Industrial and Systems Engineering. I know that may take a while, but there is no such thing as preparing too early, the journey has already begun.

I would just like to thank you along with everyone on the board for the Footprints Scholarship Fund for your support as I continue with school. I plan to keep up everything I have been doing and more and you can count on me, as the first recipient of the scholarship, to make you all proud. It certainly is an honor and I will treat it as such.

Gabrielle E.B. Rodgers


Congratulations to our 1st Scholarship Recipient, Miss Gabrielle E.B. Rodgers!!


Suitland High School Graduate (Prince George’s County, MD) – 2013

Gabrielle has been awarded a $5,000 academic scholarship from the Footprints Scholarship Fund (FSFUND). She is the fund’s first recipient of this award. Her father passed when she was just 13 years old. In that time, Gabrielle managed to maintain a cumulative 3.69 GPA throughout high school in addition to receiving various academic honors and participating in numerous extracurricular activities and community service projects. Gabrielle has been accepted and will be attending North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC starting her freshman year, majoring in Industrial Engineering this Fall 2013. The Footprints Scholarship Fund is proud to provide this award to Miss Rodgers for her outstanding academic achievement throughout high school despite the loss of her parent at such a young age. Congratulations to Gabrielle! Best wishes for a productive and successful undergraduate year and your future endeavors!

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